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Streamlining Your Entry: Malaysia's Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)"

What is MDAC?

The Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) is a groundbreaking initiative by the Malaysian government to enhance the efficiency of the entry process for travelers. It replaces the traditional paper arrival card, allowing visitors to submit their arrival information online before reaching Malaysian soil.

How to Use MDAC:

1. Visit the Official MDAC Website:

- Head to the official Malaysia Digital Arrival Card website to get started.

2. Complete the Digital Form:

- Fill out the required information accurately and thoroughly.

3. Submit Electronically:

- Click submit to send your details directly to the immigration system.

4. QR Code Confirmation:

- Receive a confirmation email along with a QR code to present upon arrival.

Important Reminders:

  1. Mandatory Requirement: All travelers to Malaysia must use MDAC, including tourists, business visitors, except for Malaysia Permanent Resident and MACS Holder.

  2. Early Submission Encouraged: Complete the MDAC well in advance (3 days) before arrival for a stress-free entry.

  3. Keep QR Code Handy: Ensure your QR code is easily accessible during the arrival process.

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